Support Group Care Packages

With the transition to virtual videoconference support groups, our members are in need of some of the supplies they would traditionally have access to here at the Center during their group sessions. With that in mind, we would like to be able to provide our members some of these critical supplies in the form of a care package, so that they may have the very best group experience possible.

These care packages, with items selected by the group leaders, will allow the participants to have a few supplies at home to explore their feelings through creative expression similar to what we would do in groups at the Center. It will also give them an opportunity to create meaningful remembrance projects for their loved ones.

To purchase items for our care packages, simply visit our Amazon Wish List. You can purchase directly from there and it will ship directly to us at Full Circle.

Our Overdose Loss Group would love the following supplies to include in the group participant care packages:

  • Journals: As most members are logging into their virtual groups from their homes, it is more important than ever to assist them in transitioning into and out of “group mode”. We use often use journals to start the group with a prompt or question about their grief and loss or to end the group with a memory of their loved one or strategies for self-care for the week ahead.
  • Colored Pencils, Crayons, Markers, and Sketch Paper: Many of our adult members do not have children or grandchildren at home, especially during this time of social distancing. We use these materials regularly for creative expression during group. Members could also use these supplies between sessions as healthy outlets.
  • Puzzles: These create-your-own puzzles are used in several therapeutic activities focused on the many aspects of grief, support systems, and coping strategies.
  • Post-It Notes: Post-It Notes are used in several therapeutic activities in which members answer questions or share thoughts on their grief and loss. 

Our Perinatal Loss Group members would love the following supplies as they will be creating remembrance lanterns, memory boxes, and memory tiles.

  • Mason Jars (with handles): Participants will add a quote, picture, or object to the jar or box each week, based on the weekly discussion theme. At the end of group, they will have the remembrance lantern or memory box to serve as a meaningful reminder of their baby and their grief journey. 
  • Carboard Boxes: These will be used to create a remembrance box with items from the group sessions.
  • Ceramic Tiles: Tiles weill be used to create a hangable piece of art that serves as a special reminder of the participant’s child. Participants will be able to add a picture, a quote, and the baby’s name to the tile.

Our Suicide Loss Group would love the following supplies as they

  • Journals and Colored Pencils: Participants will use these to explore their feelings through various presented coping skills. Group participants will participate in several activities, such as creating mandalas, journaling, color journaling, and writing positive affirmations.
  • Candles: these will be used as part of a weekly ritual to transition into or out of group and will be used during remembrance sessions.

Thank you for supporting our virtual groups through these care packages.