Our Approach

Full Circle was established in September 2008 by Allyson Drake, M.Ed., CT, as a comprehensive grief resource center for children, adults, and families.

Full Circle is very unique in its approach to bereavement care. We are the only Richmond organization that offers:

  • Bereavement groups for extended families and concurrent peer groups.
  • Professionally-led suicide loss groups and perinatal loss groups.
  • Bereavement support to grieving students at their inner-city school or community organization.
  • Professionally-designed grief support programs combined with creative expression.

Our approach provides a place where healing begins.

At Full Circle, families and individuals find:

  • Trained, nurturing grief counselors
  • Supportive peer groups
  • Creative outlets
  • Acceptance of experiences and feelings
  • Opportunity to play
  • A chance to remember and commemorate their loved one

We believe in the:

  • Power of the group process
  • Benefits of creative expression
  • Importance of groups being facilitated by experienced professionals
  • Need to assist the entire family, not just the child
  • Importance of providing grief support to all individuals, regardless of ability to pay