Family Friday Series: In Their Shoes

Welcome to Family Fridays — a 10-week series designed to give parents and children fun, meaningful activities you can do at home to explore feelings of grief and remember your loved one in unique ways.

Today’s activity, adapted from the National Alliance for Grieving Children, “In Their Shoes,” supports children and families in having conversations about feelings and coping strategies, and is an opportunity to support children in remembering their lost loved one.


You can choose to use sidewalk chalk outside in your driveway or paper and drawing tools inside.


Start by tracing your feet using chalk or colored pencils and paper. Explore what it means to “follow in another person’s footsteps.”

In one foot: write or draw the things your special person who died liked to do.

Inside of the other foot: draw or write some things you like to do. What are some things you had in common that you both liked? What are some things that are different? 

For an alternative to this activity, you can have children write or draw the feelings they might be feeling inside of one foot and on the other foot, write or draw things other people can to do help when they have those feelings. 

This fun, hands-on activity, gives children and families an opportunity to engage in important conversations about feelings and coping strategies in remembering their lost loved one.

Full Circle is committed to our community and in our continued effort to serve, adapt, and connect with our participants (past, current, and future)

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